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7z.dll for Windows CE x86

Aug 2, 2013 at 10:25 PM

I'm attempting to compile the SevenZipSharpMobile and SevenZipSharpMobileTest projects in VS2008 for a Windows CE x86 device that I am using. Everything compiles fine, but when I attempt to instantiate a SevenZipExtractor object, the program will crash saying "Your 7-zip library does not support this archive type". I have gone through the code and found that the 7z.dll, even though it's been compile for Windows Mobile, does not work for the Windows CE 6.0 device I'm running. I believe this is because the CE device uses the x86 architecture, not ARM. Is there are pre-compiled 7z.dll that I could use? I've attempted to download the 7-zip source but VS2008 crashes when attempting to run the CPP\Build.mak file.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!