How to use SevenZipSharp

Dec 30, 2015 at 9:20 PM

i created a Gamelauncher that has to download some .7z-Files from an Webservers and then i have to unzip the Files.
My first Question is: Is there a way to implement the .dll in a way that she is not appearing in as an file on my computer?
I was trying around with the .dll some hours and ran into a UnauthorizedDirectoryAccessException while performing
var unzip = new SevenZipExtractor(dir);
I dont know if "dir" has to be the Directoy i want to work in or is the Directory from the .dll

Ok, so i'm creating a Directory, we can call it "temp". In this directory i download some .7z-Files and now i want to unzip all files with an foreach
foreach(var item in zip){
I hope someone can help an Idiot like me ;D

Best Regards