Compress folder failed.


Hi. I'm using version 0.64. If I try to compress (LZMA2 algoritm) a folder that has subfolders that get the message that I need to contact the developer. I use the x86 version of the library, but if you use x64 everything works. The strange thing that it works in x86 (archive are forming as it should) and even be carrying the event CompressionFinished, but the execution fails. My code:

SevenZipCompressor compressor = new SevenZipCompressor ();
compressor.CompressionLevel = compressionLevel;
compressor.CompressionMethod = CompressionMethod.Lzma2;//if using Lzma to execution is complete
compressor.CompressionMode = CompressionMode.Create;
compressor.DirectoryStructure = true;
compressor.IncludeEmptyDirectories = true;
compressor.CompressDirectory ( path , archiveName );