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Failed due to the bug in SevenZipSharp


Hi I am having problems in installing a particular mod using the program Nexus Mod Manager for Fallout New Vegas - which happens to use your program. I can confirm that the file has no errors as I have checked it with 7zip and also contacted the mod maker himself. I cannot provide the file as it is quite big - 878,714kb compressed. The mod can be downloaded from and use any server. The version of SevenZipSharp.dll that is used by Nexus Mod Manager is 0.64.3890.29348

I have contacted the makers of Nexus Mod Manager - I am still waiting for their reply.

Do you have any suggestion on how to fix this? Could some file be missing from Nexus Mod Manager? Or any advise would be amazing. I really wish to install the mod.

Regards Number