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Skyrim mods cannot be activated by Nexus Mod Manager


Never encountered this issue before, there are no workarounds other than manually installing all mods. This error occurs for almost every mod I attempt to install, almost. Exchange Currency, Immersive HUD iHUD worked fine. SMIM, Immersive Creatures, CCO Remade, and the Book of Silence series of texture replacements all could not install due to this error.

"A problem occurred during install:
The execution has failed due to the bug in the SevenZipSharp.
Please report about it to (here), post the release number and attach the archive.
The mod was not installed."

It seems the bug isn't allowing NMM to unzip it's own mod files, which prevents it from installing anything. Unzipping the files for it makes no difference, however.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated, I won't be able to install Static Mesh Improvement Mod without it.

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fateorplanned wrote Nov 16, 2016 at 10:36 PM

I cant activate mods

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PsychoEmoVampire wrote Dec 8, 2016 at 10:25 PM

I found a solution. The problem appears to be somewhere in the newest build, not sure where to even start looking for it but its obviously there. I was having the same issue after reinstalling stuff on a brand new laptop and couldn't install my skyrim mods. So I looked into the problem on the Nexus website and the problem is the version of 7-zip. Best thing you can do is uninstall the version you have and go back to a previous one like I did. I went from version 16.04 to 16.02 and its working perfectly for installing mods. So give it a try and see if it works for you too

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Kandall0516 wrote May 7 at 2:45 AM

You must have the amount of space on your C/ drive that the mod takes regardless of where you are installing it. I believe this is caused by 7zip extracting the files on your C/ drive, THEN moving it elsewhere. Hope this helps :).

Hanzo1998 wrote Jun 21 at 4:52 PM

This has not helped me in the slightest, I have over 80% of my C/ drive space left, please find another fix