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I Cant install mods


When I try to install mods it gives me an error saying its a buy in seven zip sharp, I disable my anti-virus, and I have plenty of hardrive space and nothing changes how do I fix this


Veren1105 wrote Feb 20 at 11:12 PM

Same Problem here -.- i've gone crazy tryin to fix this, nothing works. Please help us .

wrote Feb 27 at 12:30 AM

wrote Feb 28 at 1:07 AM

seanpk08 wrote Feb 28 at 1:07 AM

same here please help

wrote Mar 20 at 10:20 PM

HellionsRisin wrote Mar 20 at 10:23 PM

its driving me nuts, please fix this, I would love to download some mods

wrote Mar 24 at 8:21 PM

wrote Apr 6 at 8:08 PM

wrote May 1 at 9:19 AM

s0ul34ter wrote May 1 at 9:23 AM

I can't install the mods I could install yesterday.
I had to re-download everything because I wanted to save everything else since then i got this bug.

wrote May 2 at 11:39 PM

wrote May 6 at 4:36 AM

Kandall0516 wrote May 7 at 2:42 AM

You must have the amount of space on your C/ drive that the mod takes regardless of where you are installing it. I believe this is caused by 7zip extracting the files on your C/ drive, THEN moving it elsewhere. Hope this helps :).

Hanzo1998 wrote Jun 21 at 4:51 PM

This has not helped me in the slightest, I have over 80% of my C/ drive space left, please find another fix